Mason Storm is a hot Latino porn star who was born on May 6, 1974 in Miami, Florida, USA but raised in Puerto Rico. Her birth name is Akia Athenia Garrido. She is 4’9” feet tall and more or less weighs 120 lbs. She is known to be one of the shortest Latin porn actresses today. She has a sexy measurement of 34C-24-34. This sexy and hot chic can do anal, squirts, lesbian scenes and interracial. Throughout her career, she has worked in a lot of movies such as “Girliscious” and “MILF Club Flawless”. She also has, in recent times, performed in “MILFs Like It Big 3” and “Big Tits At School 6”.

Mason Storm plays with balls

Mason Storm is inside a room that has paintings and a brown bed. She has very long black hair and a seductive look on her face. Mason in wearing a pair of yellow bikinis with blue trim and little blue stars on it. Even though she is still in her swimwear, we can already see that she has a sexy body and really big boobs. Mason’s pose is a little sexy with her left arm up to her chin and her right hand reaching for her bikini bottom.

Mason Storm tempts and teases by taking off her bikini top. Her left hand is on her neck and here, we can clearly see that she really has big tits and her areolas are light coloured with perky nipples. Mason Storm’s other hand is on her bikini bottom and it seems she is slowly removing it too.

Finally, Mason Storm goes completely naked. Here she is kneeling on the bed with her legs slightly parted. She has very long curly black hair. We get to see her gorgeous curves and bellybutton piercing. Mason’s hand is on her pussy and it looks like she is going to masturbate.

Mason Storm lying down on the bed; her right hand is touching her hair. She looks beautiful with just a little bit of make-up. Her left hand is on her stomach, next to a white flower with very long stem.

The petite Latina beauty Mason Storm is out in the beach holding a volleyball next to her hip. She’s got a pout on her lips and it looks like she is ready for some games.

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Two Busty Lesbian Girls Get Frisky

Mason Storm is joined by her girl pal Monique Fuentes. Monique has got her hands on the petite Latina. Her hands are on her hair and the strap of Mason’s top. Mason Storm is wearing a mini skirt and she’s got her eyes on Monique Fuentes.

Monique Fuentes is wearing a pair of black books. Her hand is on the ass of Mason Storm. Mason is topless and one of her legs is lifted up. It seems these two ladies will be doing a lot more caressing and undressing.

Mason Storm is getting busy licking Monique Fuentes’ big tits. Both women are now topless and Mason Storm is the one sitting down. Monique is kneeling and her hand is touching the hair of Mason.

Mason Storm is standing up with her back slightly turned while Monique Fuentes is squatting down. Monique has pulled down the yellow panties of Mason and we can see that Mason has a tattoo on her left ass cheek.

Watching girl to girl action is always fun. Here Mason Storm is playing with the tits of Monique Fuentes. Both ladies are on the couch with their legs spread apart.

Mason Storm And Monique Fuentes In Living Room

Watch Mason Storm In Milf Lessons

It looks like Mason Storm means serious business. Here she is in an office and is sitting down on a chair with her head tilted a little to the left. Mason is wearing a black blouse with long sleeves and a white skirt. Her long black hair is tied and all we can see is her bangs.

Mason Storm comes closer and opens her blouse. We can see her ample cleavage and her smooth skin. Looking at those tits makes us want to touch and squeeze them.

Mason Storm’s big tits are now in full exposure. We can see that they are large with light colored areola and tiny nipples.

Mason Storm is smiling while a hand is touching her left breast. Of course she likes it and we can bet she wants more than just simple touches.

Mason Storm is sucking two fingers on someone’s right hand. We wonder what else she’s going to suck later on.

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Mason Storm Porn In Major Cans

Mason Storm is sitting on a couch with an expression of surprise on her face. Her dress with straps has been pulled down and we see a little bit of her cleavage.

Mason Storm shows off her big boobs. She is pouting while her hands come closer to her nipples. Her well-manicured pink nails will be good for pinching and tugging those little nipples of hers.

Mason Storm gives out a moan while a man is licking her breasts. Mason and the man both have their eyes closed and it seems they are enjoying this foreplay.

Mason Storm and her partner are inside the bathroom. The guy is kneeling down and hiking up Mason’s dress. Mason is standing up with her legs apart and her butt next to the guy’s face. She keeps her balance by holding on to the sink while the guy touches her all over.

Now both Mason and the guy are naked. Mason Storm is holding the guy’s hard cock with her right hand and jacking it off.

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Mason Storm is inside a car. She is wearing a striped blouse and her hands are on the steering wheel. She has a weird look on her face as if she saw something strange.

Mason Storm looks out the window and sees a man wearing a black shirt. The man seems to be unzipping his denim pants.

Mason Storm pulls over and gets out of the car. She walks towards the man and he puts his hands in the air as if to surrender.

Mason Storm and the guy are now inside a room. Mason is lying on the brown coffee table. Her blouse is open but she is still wearing her brown bra. Her right leg is on the shoulder of the guy as he is playing with her cunt.

Mason Storm is sucking the guy’s cock. Could she be returning the favour after the guy played with her pussy or could this be just an introduction to more fucking fun?

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